Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions 


Buying from Us  

Our Minimum order is 300,000 IDR and that includes free delivery subject to our delivery terms and conditions below. 

To buy from us and ordering on line is really easy and takes less than 10 minutes.  The following are the steps required for the first time you order from us. 

  1. Browse the website for categories that you are interested in or conversely type into the search bar the specific items you are looking for  
  1. Click on the items you want and they will automatically be added to your cart (which you can see on the bottom of the screen). 
  2. Click the Checkout button when you have completed your purchasing.  If you want to increase, decrease or remove an item you can at this point in the process.  Confirm by telling us when you want your order and we will be in touch 
  3. Login (using email or through Facebook)  
  4. Relax as your shopping is done and Compass Fresh is out there getting the best stuff together for you!


Any Items that are ordered from us and paid but not available or able to be delivered will be credited against your next order or a refund offered which ever is acceptable to you.   


Compass Fresh Green Policy 


We at COMPASS FRESH are totally committed to a GREEN BALI and in our attempts to achieve this goal we are making every effort where possible to reduce or not use at all one-use plastic packaging or plastic bags.  We wrap our produce in banana leaves with bamboo ties, we use recyclable paper bags that are made from recycled paper and we use formed thin wooden and compressed paper trays that have been made from recycled wood or paper for products like beans, berries, and in fact anything that can fit.  Where possible we and depending on the product we do not use any packaging at all and they are placed in the cardboard carton unwrapped for example pineapples, potatoes, and in some circumstances apples and oranges.  Regrettably and only when absolutely necessary we are still forced to use plastic and in all cases,  we do our best to minimise this.  Products such as butter, cheese, some meats and fish come to us from our suppliers already pre packed in plastic and we are working with those suppliers to minimise this as well.   

If you have any questions or concerns about this change in packaging please feel free to contact our staff directly. 


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