About us

About us 

A simple action such as grocery shopping can become such a challenge in another country on holidays. That’s where we come in!

We know all about purchasing the freshest food and obtaining those hard to get products that you know and love. We are ready to look after your needs whilst you enjoy all that Bali has to offer.

Our story 

Compass Fresh began in 2013 primarily servicing Resorts, Hotels and Yachts in Indonesia with high-quality food. We found the very best products, and developed strategies to transport them anywhere in Indonesia so they remained fresh and of high-quality.

With extensive experience from this servicing, we developed what you now know as Compass Fresh – a food delivery platform for you! Whether you are travelling to Bali and want your villa fridge stocked or a local family of 5 who just need their weekly groceries, we can provide you with the freshest food, the quickest delivery and the best customer service in Bali.

We source the best quality and the freshest goods from our hand-picked suppliers. Our fish comes from the fisherman and exporters, our fruit and vegetables come from the local farms and our meats are sourced both from the importers and high quality local producers. This is what makes our produce the best of the best. Everything we supply is also purchased to order, meaning that many of the fresh goods are still growing when you order them.

We don’t stop here though, we also have an extensive range of pantry goods and staples for your home or holiday, and even better, products for your little ones. Our platform provides you with all things family friendly, nappies, toiletries, baby food and more. All of this is available in the one place, right here at Compass Fresh, to make life that little bit easier!

Just sit back, relax and we'll deliver your order right to your front door!

Happy Shopping!

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